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    Font's and WoW

    I have noticed from downloading and taking apart some peoples UI's that they have found a way to set a font as the default font for just about everything in WoW. Even including the font in the login and character screens. I also noticed that they create a "font" folder in the World of Warcraft directory of which they obviously place a few fonts in. I am assuming that this is how they are doing it, yet I have done just that. I created a "font" folder in the WoW directory and placed the font i wanted in that folder. Of course this did not work for me. I'm assuming there is something I have to configure to get this to work. Please let me know what i need to do...

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    Re: Font's and WoW

    The font has to be in .ttf format I believe. And you need to change your font name to reflect the names of the 4 fonts in wow.

    Exactly like this:
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    Re: Font's and WoW

    Awesome! Thank you very much.

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