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    LF 800x600 UI

    Can any1 help me in my search for a 800x600 UI im sick of blizz's basic UI.
    Ty for your help in advance, kieli.

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    Re: LF 800x600 UI

    I havn't ran in 800x600 since the HL1 days when I couldn't afford a graphics card...

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    Re: LF 800x600 UI

    I think fixing one for yourself is the only option here, everyone nowadays plays the game either in 1440x900 or anything that will give their graphics card a hard time :P but GL making one.

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    Re: LF 800x600 UI

    dam Would anyone have any recommendations for starting a UI?
    Eg: use pitbull, x-perl etc.

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    Re: LF 800x600 UI

    Quote Originally Posted by kieli

    maybe, not sure if it supports 800x600.. says "supports all resolutions" though!

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