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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    Lightheaded with dualwide and tomtom have been very nice to me. I haven't used questhelper so I don't know how it works with LH. I currently use Uberquest for all my quest tracking needs.

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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    Sounds to me like MobMap, questhelper, lightheaded and carbonite are very similar... why use more than 1? I have used the 1st, 3rd and 4th... i am currently liking MobMap.

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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    Cartographer_QuestInfo , and nothing more

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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    Lightheaded is nice, especially if you alt tab alot to check wowhead, and works just fine with QH/Cartographer (QH pretty much replaces the click to add waypoints feature, so it becomes a good knowledge database at that point)

    Mobmap looks cool but i have yet to try it.

    Carbonite just got annoying to me, too much going on, and i just didnt care for it, but my wife loves it. Well done mod, with a free and pay version (OMG someone charging for a mod! :-P) but cluttered my screen too much.

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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    I use mobmap for more spawn locations and quest helper for general waypoints/directions to quests. Also I like the tradeskills list in mobmap. I juse Ko-ordinates (think its called that) for co-ords rather than a full map addon.

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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    Carbonite quest is the best mod ever invented, but it REALLY needs to merge with cartographer....

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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    I used to use WHDB, which pulls wowhead comments and quest data (like go here, get this, etc) and allows you to add the coords to Cartographer queue. Lately I've found QuestHelper to my liking (with Cartographer of course) as it dynamically adds coords to the map for you automatically. If you wanted the whole shebang, you could go with WHDB (or really any "data" mod that contains helpful tips) + QuestHelper + Cartographer (not a quest mod, but an amazing replacement for Blizz map feature)

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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    Lightheaded + Cartographer + TomTom

    you can click at coordinate for a quest, and it will guide your there, and leave a little waypoint in cartographer, for later use

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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    CTmailmod! It allows you to get all your mail out hella fast and you don't have to waste minutes taking everything out cuts level time by 2 minutes per level.

    Seriously though, I use Tourguide with quest helper, I set up (takes a damn long time) tourguide with Joana's or Brian's Guide (For horde or alliance respectively) I keep the in the box guides for 1-12 however. I just use quest helper to tell me where to go/what to do for the current quest that tourguide is telling my what to do.

    This combo fights the weakness of each of these mods. Quest Helper has about as much foresight as a wet napkin past what is in your quest log and Tourguide does a horrible (Horrible in comparison of QH) job of telling you where to go.

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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    Quote Originally Posted by Quetzalquatl
    Best combination imo: Lightheaded + Tourguide + Tomtom. Quite Awesome
    Agree! I use these ATM.
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    Re: Good Leveling Mods?

    Joana's Horde Leveling Guide 1-70 + Windowed mode or dual screen = no addons needed.

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