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    Change the standart buttons, how? ???


    Iam looking for and addon that can change the border of the button in my spellbook. :-)

    Yes iam silly but i breaks my heart when i open it and it not like the rest. iam after som black border.

    but if you could config them as i can we most bar mods. like fx. trinity.

    If fact its the standart button blizzard made i wanna redo.. since the icons i spell book also look silly

    thnx //Sentox ???


    If someone know how to chang the collor of the gamedmg, the one that yellow form standart that would be cool also.

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    Re: Change the standart buttons, how? ???

    err.. i must say i really have no idea what you mean with "black border" and stuff but if you're just looking to change keys then maybe have a look in Key Bindings? (just press esc)
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    Re: Change the standart buttons, how? ???

    I think skinner can do it...
    Not sure if it goes into such detail of your spellbook aswell though.

    Why would you want that changed anyway?
    Do you open your spellbook and click your spells from there or something?

    Spellbook shouldn't be something you have to look at very often tbh.

    If you're wanting to just change the standard buttons non related to the spellbook itself. Look for CyCircled.

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    Re: Change the standart buttons, how? ???

    You can use the file from interfacetweaks to change the button borders. The file inside it is a folder named buttons. Just put that in your interface folder. If you need to change it's color I believe you can edit them with photoshop or gimp.
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