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    [Chatframe] Chatter and Blizzards chat settings

    Greetings all.

    My issue is the following.
    Ever since the introduction of Blizzard new combat log and chat settings, I seem to have trouble with any extra addon in that direction.
    When the last Patch came, I wiped my WTF & Interface clean, downloaded TMP (wowinterface.com) and ran it.
    It uses "Chatter" instead of "Prat".

    Now, I am unsure when and where it started to mess up things again, but soon after my combat log does not work properly, nor can I adjust my chat settings.
    They will not be saved at all.

    When I open the chat settings from Blizzard, it's all blurry and in the wrong places.
    If I have the time this evening, I'll upload a screenshot to make my point clearer.

    Now, I do not have a problem with getting rid of Chatter and any other chat program.
    But even when I delete the necessary files under WTF and remove the AddOn itself, it's still messed up (Blizzards default, at least).

    Any detailed help would be great, really.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: [Chatframe] Chatter and Blizzards chat settings

    It can be closed, the culpit was SCT.
    Thanks anyways.

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