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    [PVP - PST] 4 | 6 Sunwell Class Needs Inside

    The guild is mostly composed of Gummi Bears and The Flying Hellfish members, both guilds being top 10 in the US previously. With core members from Nascent.

    We will be raiding a max of 4 days a week 630-1030 PST (server time) so we are looking for only high quality players to maximize our time. We need players that are already geared enough for Sunwell progression as we do not run Hyjal anymore and Black Temple is a secondary instance.

    We are always open to all applications, however we have certain classes we are looking for:

    Feral Druids
    Prot Paladins
    Shadow Priests
    Resto / Enhance Shamans

    For more info about the guild (http://www.qtsonlyguild.com) please speak with Ekunn, Mentoc, Ikness, or Evard in game, we are always happy to speak with potential members but please try to keep the whispers outside of raid times.

    What we expect:
    - You must understand your class well.
    - You must be prepared to use potions and flasks on every raid. This includes farmed content.
    - You must show good attitude toward members of the guild. No matter how stupid they are.
    - Be prepared to not receive loot during the trial period which lasts approximately 2 weeks.

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    Re: [PVP - PST] 4 | 6 Sunwell Class Needs Inside

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    Re: [PVP - PST] 4 | 6 Sunwell Class Needs Inside


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    Re: [PVP - PST] 4 | 6 Sunwell Class Needs Inside


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