*** Looking for a geared Restoration Shaman *******

Morbo is a Horde Guild on the EST Server Medivh. We are looking for a few quality, high playtime people to fill in our ranks to help us progress through Sunwell. We are looking for players that are geared up and eager to progress with us. Most of our time is spent in Sunwell now, but we still try and at least blow through BT each week because Illidan is a stingy bastard. (And maybe MH if it makes sense) So if there are a couple things you still want from BT/MH, all hope is not lost.

We raid from 7pm to 11 or 12 Sunday - Thursday, EST. Invites go out about 6:45, and we expect people to be ready for an invite then.

We are currently looking for people that want to progress with us. We Had our First Brutallus kill on 5/28, and are looking forward to more progression. While we could use a Holy Paladin, and Restortation Shaman we are really looking for any class that feels like they have the ability to play their class exceptionally well, be it a Healer, DPS or Tank. We feel that healthy competition for raid spots will bring out the best in our members, and that's what we need to succeed, everyone to play their best all the time.

More importantly, we are looking for people that we can count on to be there, on farm nights and progression, who want to see the Guild succeed. We run a Loot Council for gear distribution, so there is no DKP to accumulate before getting any Professor Plums, but we do have an informal 'Trial Period' where we evaluate your performance and attendance before making you a full member. Gear Distribution is based more on what would be best for the guild, attendance, and of course, your contribution to the raid.

You can send a tell to me, Tame(GM), Anseis, Arakun, Impavidus or Solusar for more information. You can also apply at our website: http://www.morboguild.org

**Our current need is a geared healer and a geared DPS that will be reliable, but we are open to talking to anyone that might be a good fit.**