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    [A]OOB 5/5 MH 9/9 BT - Recruiting Prot Warrior

    OOB is a raiding guild currently focused on endgame encounters - we raid to progress not to farm content continuously. We raid three nights every week; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7pm server time to 10pm. Informal Karazhan and Zul'aman raids are often run on an impromptu basis earlier in the week. Before you apply, please read our Rules carefully. All applicants will be interviewed and may be asked to go on a trial run before being invited to OOB. Our current progression is 5/5 MH 9/9 BT - working on sunwell.

    Our immediate need is one "Protection Warrior" who fits the following criteria:

    1. Can commit to at least two of our three progression raids and show up 100% to the assigned day unless there is an emergency. The more days you can commit to the better. Serious reliability is very important to us.
    2. Already have the required gear to do well in Hyjal and Black Temple i.e. gear from SSC/TK, ZA and badges. Having gear from Hyjal/BT is a HUGE plus.
    3. Must know how to play their class very well and come to raids prepared. This means being on-time, having flasks and buffing food for ALL encounters, and knowing the fights in advance.

    Ideally you should also:

    1. Have a lot of experience tanking encounters. We need a person who is alert, adaptable and learns quickly. Previous main tank experience is a HUGE plus.
    2. Not feel the pressure. Not going emo when the tanking task is tough is a HUGE plus.
    3. Love tanking -- we don't need or want more DPS warriors. If we need more DPS warriors we can get pet cats to play them (they're that easy).

    Apply at http://www.oobguild.net

    P.S. If you don't have the gear but have the experience and skill then apply anyway. We can gear you up but we cant cure downs....

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    Re: [A]OOB 5/5 MH 9/9 BT - Recruiting Prot Warrior


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    Re: [A]OOB 5/5 MH 9/9 BT - Recruiting Prot Warrior


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