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    [PVP-CST] Guild LF another Guild

    Our guild is named Finding Serenity and we play on the pvp server Aegwynn.

    We are looking for a guild that is in the same situation as ourselves we have a nice core of extremely
    Solid raiders but we for whatever reason are not getting the attendance we need or have the available
    resources on our server to recruit quality players. Basically we are looking for a guild that is struggling
    along like we are to "Join Forces" If your in a guild with 15ish solid raiders and have 10ish that well
    you just have because you have spots that need to be filled maybe we can be a match.

    We just transfered to this server like 2 months ago so we would be looking for a guild willing to transfer.
    What would be nice is another guild around the progression we are but we'd be willing to accept one that is slightly behind as well. As long as you have an active group.

    We Raid 4 nights a week our schedule is:

    Mon: 7-11 CST
    Tues: 7-11 CST
    Wed: 7-11 CST
    Thurs: 7-11 CST
    Fri: Optional 10 mans
    Sat Optional 10 mans


    Our Current Progression:

    4/5 Mount Hyjal
    2/9 Black Temple

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    Re: [PVP-CST] Guild LF another Guild


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    Re: [PVP-CST] Guild LF another Guild


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    Re: [PVP-CST] Guild LF another Guild


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    Re: [PVP-CST] Guild LF another Guild

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