I am looking for a Hard Core tyoe raiding guild with a good construct in progressing. I am Exp into BT Hyjal and 1st boss in Sunwell. My Raid times are 100% To make it, to ANY Raid time ( US ). Unless over Seas.
My armory is http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...mscale&n=Murda

I might be in PvP Gear, But i will be willing to talk ingame also. Hope it shows up as PvE Gear Lol.
I am willing to X-fer to a server as shown. My dedication to raiding and seeing new content is high and i would love to be a Core raider with the guild.

Ingame Name- Murda Stormscale PvP Horde UD Rogue.

E-mail me also if INTERESTED with Info ect.
[email protected]