Taken as a template!
Would rather talk to you in game if your interested after seeing this!

1. What is your character's name/level/class/race?

-Casualty/70/Warrior/Female Dwarf!!

2. What previous guilds have you been in and why did you leave them? List them ALL, including previous servers.

All on Emerald Dream (Current server)
- (Current) Sacrosacnt = I am leaving this guild for my brother is quitting the game, and he was the only reason why I was helping them out. I helped them through Hyjal / Black Temple and we saw and killed Illidan after the fact that I had already done this a whole year ago but oh well!

- (Old) Lost Chapter = First real experience in a guild full of people that actually knew what they were doing! I joined them when they were at Kael and it was a relief from the previous guild I was in. We killed Brut and then the guild fell apart do to the Guild Leaders leaving the server and joining up with DnT(lol).

- (Old) Hallowed = Stepping stone guild! Nah not really, I was in this guild from the start of my WoW raiding carrier for 2 years almost. It was fun while it lasted but in BC where when people sucked it showed, I had to get out of there!

3. What TBC Keys have you obtained? (doesn't apply anymore so... how well do you take ridicule?)

- Syrionn, my main at the time was keyed for everything and anything that Blizzard had put out at the time. Casualty, was my alt and it too was attuned to everything including BT and Hyjal!

4. What makes the difference between a good and an awesome player at your class/spec ?

- Reaction time for the Slam rotation, and a gear dependency as for all warriors. Also a general sense of how to watch and react to your raid environment and your slam bar that you need to watch all the time /sigh.

5. How much raid experience do you have?

- I raided with Hallowed and saw all the old WoW content all but a couple bosses in Naxx. On the side of the new, up to Brut is as far as I've gotten and I am desperately wanting to see more! Since a month after BC came out I've been doing raids at least once a week, same goes as before BC came out.

6. What is your availability like?

- I am going to College in the fall but that will make things easier on my raiding schedule. I do not have to work do to the fact that I did well in High school and got my College paid for, at least for the next two years. Currently as you can see at the time I'm posting this I tend to stay up late!

7. Are you able to use Ventrilo and install mods required by the guild? Do you have a microphone (Note: this doesn't mean you ''have a mic'' but never use it)? We need people willing to communicate in realtime.

- Yes! Yes! Yes! and I tend to be a shy guy until I get to know people well enough, then I never shut up on Vent. lol

8. Provide a link to your gear set on armory. Try to log out with the gear you use the day you post your application.

- I know I am 176 armor over the cap for 6200 armor level bosses but currently I can not swap anything out and it's not that big of a damper on my DPS.

- http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...eam&n=Casualty

9. Please post your talent spec and the reasons you use it.

- I am always BF spec for raids as I like to bring something to the table for raids! I can always respec to the guilds needs, but I think this is the best for the needs? or something!

- http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=LV0xkAboxMdZVx0VzgMc

10. Personal information. What can you tell us about yourself that will convince us you're the candidate for us? Keep in mind we represent a cutting edge raid guild in wow since release, many of us are very tight nit, and you gain points for humor.

- I R GLADIROTZ FROM SHADOWBURN PVPZ BATLEGROND! But srsly I have been seeking the top players in PvP since S1 and I have been a Gladiator since then. I would love to find a good status of friends here and get going with teams!

- My past raiding experiences with Hallowed have been the most hilarity I've had in raids. Putting two shadow priests in the same group cause they don't want to use mana pots for one. Having warriors be defense cap for Hyjdross and then pulling the adds out of Hydross and having just melee focus up on them were just some of the reasons why I left that place. I also heard that they brough 7 rogues to a Kael raid and tried to single target down the weapons lol!

12. Computer Specifications (we don't need players that ''lag'' and die)

- AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.0 GHz
- 1 gig of ram
- Geforce 7950 GT

13. Please provide a screenshot of your interface (including keybindings if you have these hidden).

- Funny SS by a friend and it has my UI all set up! My Key bindings are all on the left and I only click my shouts and fear. Also the only difference is that Omen replaces my Proximo(not shown) at the top right side just below the minimap! Oh and also the Heroic Strike button is replaced with Slam.


Edit: I raid with a Boomkin that is why my hit is so low! It can be buffer'ed through other gear pieces and food that I have.