The guild <Thrust> of Dark Iron (PVP server) is recruiting the following classes for Sunwell raiding. We're currently working on M'uru in Sunwell.

- HOLY PALADIN: Full BT/Hyjal gear. -OR-
- RET PALADIN: Our previous ret pally could put out 1800+ DPS on Brutallus; while I don't explect the same gear level, you need to know your stuff.

Our raid times are Sunday-Thursday from 5:50pm-11pm Pacific time. At *least* 80% attendance to scheduled raids is required. We keep a relatively small roster so that people do not need to sit out often, and we try to make sure that everyone is treated equally in terms of raid spots, thus the high attendance requirement.

A few other expectations:
- You must be extremely proficient at managing your class in a raid environment and capable of learning and adapting to new encounters quickly.
- You should be able to maximize your contribution to the raid without the raid leader or your class officer holding your hand.
- Along with being a mirror of your experience, your gear level should be good enough to make you an asset to our progression. This generally means at least BT/Hyjal gear.
- You should always come to raids prepared, with any necessary consumables and with prior knowledge of progression encounters if such information is available.
- You should be capable of managing your own time and gaming environment to allow for your full attention during raids. This means not missing raid instructions on Vent because you have music blasting through your headphones, and not having to AFK every 15 minutes because your mother wants your to help her with something (AFKs here and there are fine, but if you are chronically going to be a cause of slowing the raid down, we don't want you).
- You must have the technical resources to be able to pull your weight. Specifically, this means having a good computer, a stable internet connection, and a mic.
- You should be able to get along everyone well. We play this game to have fun and enjoy each others' company, and we don't feel like dealing with people who have unpleasant or confrontational personalities, no matter how good you are.

For reference, here's us on wowjutsu:

If you're interested, please post an application on our forums at , or you can hop onto Dark Iron and message Civatateo, Milisa, or Brok. You can also send me an application through a private message on our forums.