I've been playing WoW since release, and have had a passion for it through and through. I played as a warlock all throughout the 60 endgame, and became an avid raider very quickly upon seeing what the game has to offer. I experienced everything that pre-TBC wow had to offer, the headaches of a broken c'thun and the hellish trash he came with. I bashed my head against patchwerk, I awed over gothik and how tightly tuned he was for his time. I slayed Kel'thuzad and twiddled my thumbs in anticipation for BC.

When burning crusade came out I was the first level 70 on my serve, reaching it three days after the expansion came out. I experienced early BC raiding at it's most akward (pre-nerf gruul - incredibly tightly tuned SSC / TK, did the whole head-bashing thing on vashj and kael, and beat them in the end). I was in a bleeding edge guild when HJ and BT were the end-game, I cleared out hyjal and saw up to council in black temple. I have had experience being a raid leader, an officer, a behind-the-scenes-strat-guy, a member, and everything in between.

There came a time where I needed to take an immense break from this game, and the only way I could do so was to sell my account to not be tempted to come back. I sold my warlock for somewhere around 800$ and thought I would never play again. Well...I did.


I opened up a new account and leveled this priest in about 6 and half days played. A healing class is something that is much more my nature, as I feel more integral and im "making more of a difference". I pugged this, and I pugged that on and off for a week or two after hitting 70...but it killed me. The dull of knowing what else is out there raid content wise, and feeling much more skilled than anybody you run with took a toll, and I let this character lie dormant since about April. I don't have professions - they slowed down my leveling, and I dont have crafted gear, because I feel that I will outgear it extremely quickly once in a raiding guild that looks passed the inital armory scan.

Basically I am looking for a raiding guild, it does not matter where you are content wise, to become apart of. The bond that a raiding guild has is what motivates me to perform in the endgame and run what I have to run to get where I want. I simply cannot pug my way through heroics / "re-learn" kara in order to break into endgame again. My gear is sub-par for the type of guild I am looking for, this I know. But I believe my experience far far outweighs what my armory will tell you. I am (looking) to become an extremely active raider again and believe I can be an asset to any guild / raiding tier that would have me.

P.S don't mock the spec, it was before the power of CoH came into light, and hey - everyone has to try out lolwell once.