Greetings everyone

I'm Wala, the new GM of US-Terokkar guild Outbreak.

Outbreak has never ben a hardcore guild, we're a friendly social multinational guild that also does raids and our objective on doing raids is the same objective that makes us play this game, to have fun.

But to do raids on this game you need a certain level of commitment to the guild and your fellow raiders, so we hope you to be in-time for raids, to be able to stay on it until the end and also do what your class/spec requires you to do on raid encounters.

We do not require you to be an expert on your class if you want to raid, what we need is that you be willing to learn if needed , you must also be open to constructive feedback and have a minimum of commitment to our raid schedule.

Our raid distribution system is also based on your attendence, solving quite a few problems that a DKP system has, and it allows new members to dispute equally with older members for loot after a maximum of two months.

We already have around 60 level 70 players that do raids, but since we're a social guild we're looking for more active members to keep up our raid schedule, Currently the needs are the following classes / specs :

Druid :
Feral -> 1
Restoration -> 1

Hunter : 1

Mage : 3

Paladin :
Holy -> 1
Protection -> 1

Priest :
Holy -> 1

Rogue : 1

Shaman : 1 ( Enhancement )

Warrior : 1 ( Either Arms or Fury )

But, if you're feeling secure about your current class/spec, you're welcome to apply, this goes for all classes / specs, we're very open-minded to all specs if you show that you can do your job on raids, even to not-so-common pve specs like retribution paladin and moonkin druids ( note that at any moment I'm saying that those classes are not suitable for PVE, by the countrary, I"m just saying that they're not commonly seen in PVE )

Also, if you're looking for a social guild, feel free to apply as well, BUT note that under a 'friend' tag you're not going to have raid spots, neither we're going to rush you in anywhere, you'll be there as the tag says, a friend, to chat and be part of our big family called Outbreak.

Our forums address :