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    [Horde PVP] <Addiction> 5/5 9/9 LFM Shamans

    Addiction of the PVP server on Auchindoun is looking to recruit a few exceptional individuals. We recently downed Illidin and are looking to progress in Sunwell. The following is our current raid schedule:

    Mon: 7:15-11:30
    Tues: 7:15-11:30
    Wed: 7:15-11:30
    Thur: 7:15-11:30

    All Times are Est.

    We have a fairly light schedule for a raiding guild (approx. 16 hours a week) and as such we can’t afford to waste time. Note, sometimes we do raid as late as midnight and invites typically go out at 7:05.

    What Addiction is looking for in potential recruits:
    - Self motivated individuals that look to get gear to raid and not the other way around.

    - Full consumables for EVERY raid. Flasks/Food Buffs/Oils/Potions are expected.

    - Having read up on every new encounter before we actually attempt it.

    - Situational awareness. Don’t stand in fire, don’t blow up the raid, don’t take four ticks of blizzard or flamestrike etc. If you can’t DPS/Heal/Tank and be aware of what else is going on in the fight at the same time don’t apply.

    - Be willing to sit out on fights that require certain raid compositions.

    - Attendance wise being able to make at least 3 out of 4 raid nights.

    We Provide:
    - Mature and drama free raiding atmosphere. Most of our members are 20+ and have little to no drama.

    - A fun community to play with. We joke around a lot and try not to treat this game as a second job.

    Recruitment Needs:

    Resto Shamans x 2

    For the most part we are looking for Resto Shamans, however having gear for multiple specs is a plus. T5/Badge gear is the minimum requirement. Each of these raid positions will be full time, however there will be times where you will need to sit. If you feel like you can meet our requirements please apply at Addiction-guild.com.

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    Re: [Horde PVP] <Addiction> 5/5 9/9 LFM Shamans


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    Re: [Horde PVP] <Addiction> 5/5 9/9 LFM Shamans

    Accepting Prot or Ret Paladins by any chance?

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