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    Nameplate Casting Bars

    I seem to be experiencing problems with these of late, I haven't PvP'd much in a while and I recently decided to get back into it so the nameplates were re-enabled and I thought I was ready to go however the enemy casting bar at the name plates only seems to show for my current target while in times past it would show for all targets with a nameplate above their head making for easy fast interuptions combined with mouse over macros.

    I thought it may have been an Aloft problem but I completely got rid of that and the default UI still gives me this problem. I was wondering if anyone could help me resolve this. Seems no point to having casting bars on the nameplates if you can't see every cast around you and only your targets.

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    Re: Nameplate Casting Bars

    There's no way to see the castbars of non-targeted npc/players with the nameplate function.
    Neither the standard bars nor Aloft is able to do this ... sorry :>

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    Re: Nameplate Casting Bars

    Hm, the only reliable way I know of to get a non-targeted opponent's castbar is either Proximo (arenas only) or using focus frame, which sadly only works for one extra target. If anyone knows an addon that could show castbars for more opponents (say, within a 40 yd radius?) please do tell.

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    Re: Nameplate Casting Bars

    I'm not sure if I understood your problem but check your interface options. There should be a box for "nameplate cast bars" or something like that.
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    Re: Nameplate Casting Bars

    To avoid that problem there're two good addon: SpellAlerter and WitchHunt. They show in the middle of your screen what spell is casted by your opponents, both mod have a good customization however they really aren't a castbar.
    as omglazor said Proximo can show you the castbar of the other team, but personally i don't like it (great arena frame, but nothing more ).
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