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    Save different button sets


    i have a question. i want to save different button sets, so that i can simply store a pvp and a pve interface. the problem is that the skillpositions are saved on my account and not local on my computer.
    is there any possibility that i can save 2 buttonsets whithout moving all the skills to their old position after switching the profiles?

    thank you in advance

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    Re: Save different button sets

    Not really.

    But you could take advantage of the skillbar system the default UI have.

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    Re: Save different button sets

    u can use macros for abilites for example if u pve and pvp as warrior make macro that uses mortal strike /bloodthirst /shild slam so u dont need to change every time u respec

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    Re: Save different button sets

    thank you for this idea but sadly this is not pissible because i use many macros on my pvp abilities alone. i play rogue btw. i will try to set my pve buttons on bongo bars 1-5 and pvp buttons on bars 6-x. that will make it possible to use complete different sets.

    if anyone has another good solution please feel free to post

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    Re: Save different button sets

    YES THERE IS a solution for you
    its called Action Bar Saver available here


    you set your keys. say your a warrior, and you mainly go protection.
    Set up your protection keys
    than type /abs save Prot or whatever you want to name ur set
    than when you go arms or whatever
    switch your keys than
    type in /abs save Arms
    and than when you have to go back prot spec...
    you just have to respec
    and type /abs restore prot

    i use this alot since i respec my warrior alot.
    really help ful

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    Re: Save different button sets

    this is exactly what i was looking for. thank you very much!

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