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    Pitbull,Customs texts - Need help!

    Been configuring Pitbull for a while now but can't seem to get my last health text right. It's supposed to show the Percentage of health when your health is lower than 100%. If it's 100% it's supposed to be hidden.

    I've had this before on Caithlyn's UI and alterations of it but I can't seem to find the proper line in the Lua

    Can anyone help meh? :S

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    Re: Pitbull,Customs texts - Need help!

    Thanks for the help mate, worked like it should only one thing..

    What about if you want it to work for non friendly targets too?

    Edit: Nvm, cut down the one you had a bit, works now. <3<3

    The one below works for me :>
    [Status or Concatenate(PercentHP:Hide(100):Short:Percent)]

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