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    [A-PvE] 5/5 9/9 5/6 Sunwell guild recruiting

    <Critical Mass>, an Alliance guild on the Stormrage server, is looking for a few highly skilled players of specific class/spec.

    We are currently looking for:

    1 Warlock [Destruction]
    1 Priest [Holy or Shadow]

    Critical Mass is a high end raiding guild on the Stormrage server. We run a small, tight knit raid force of between 25 and 30 active raiders. Attendance is generally high and the small pool of committed raiders means you tend to find yourself working with the same folks over subsequent raids, allowing us to easily master content within our chosen raiding schedule.

    Critical Mass sticks to a four day raid schedule, even at the release of progression content. We raid on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays from 7pm EST to whenever is necessary (usually midnight). Attendance expectations for active raiders is, for many, close to 100% of the raided hours in a given week. Despite raiding four days a week, we have cleared through M'uru and are currently working on Kil'jaeden. Prior to the 2.4 patch we were only raiding two of those four days, clearing BT and Hyjal easily in that time and taking the rest of the week to relax. Outside of those four days we occasionally run informal ZA timed runs for bears or lately, Karazhan for badges.

    Raiders that apply to CM should be very well geared in Tier 6 or equivalent, have a comprehensive understanding of their class, and have experience in Tier 6 raid instances (Hyjal and BT). You should be prepared to step into a Sunwell raid with a level of skill and gear that allows you to pull your weight and not be carried through the content. With the advent of Sunwell, we do not expect to run Hyjal or BT again, so do not expect a great deal of opportunities to fill out your raiding gear if it is sub-par.

    The Stormrage server is an EST release-day server on the Ruin battlegroup and has an A:H ratio that favors alliance. As such, we have a number of guilds clearing BT and Hyjal content. Many are trying their luck in Sunwell, and a full list of guilds and their progression can be found on the Stormrage server forums.

    Interested players should feel free to check out our website at http://www.cmguild.net and file an application either publicly (in our recruitment forum) or privately by PM'ing me, Charsi, on the forums. Alternatively, you can log onto Stormrage and say hi.

    Thanks for your time,
    Recruitment Officer and Guild Master
    <Critical Mass> Stormrage-US

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    Re: [A-PvE] 5/5 9/9 5/6 Sunwell guild recruiting


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    Re: [A-PvE] 5/5 9/9 5/6 Sunwell guild recruiting


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