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    [A] [PVE] 5/5 9/9 Want to see sunwell?

    <Possessed> is an Alliance raiding guild on the Draka server. Having recently blown through the end of BT / Hyjal (2 weeks to kill Archimonde, Reliquary, Mother, Council, and a 5 hour Illidan learn) We are looking for some like minded players to push Sunwell progression and beat the game before Wotlk.

    We are looking for players who know how to play. We are firm believers in the skill > gear rule and will take a very skilled player in a heartbeat over a geared player who fails.

    Our current recruitment needs:

    High: Shadow priest (using an alt at the moment) (gear requirements on this player can be a little more laxed).

    Medium: none

    Low: A multi-spec-talented druid who can perform multi tasks depending on the fight with decent gear in all three trees would be hot. (T5 / Bt / Hyjal gear a must)

    If your class is not listed, please apply anyways. Exceptionally geared players will always be seriously looked at.

    <Possessed> raid times are as follows:

    Tuesday: 7-11 server
    Wednesday: 7-11 server
    Thursday: 7-11 server
    Friday: Off
    Saturday: Off
    Sunday: 7-11 server
    Monday: Off

    Off nights are generally spent on vent in Kara or ZA runs.

    Any questions please contact Madasin / Marsattacks / Rygar, Scandalis, or Daydream, or just /who possessed and talk to a member.

    If you are still reading and are still interested. Please visit www.possessedonline.com and put in an application.

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    Re: [A] [PVE] 5/5 9/9 Want to see sunwell?


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    Re: [A] [PVE] 5/5 9/9 Want to see sunwell?

    /bump - yes already

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