Looking for a friendly and fun environment in which to clobber the cursed inhabitants of Medihv's Tower? Or to mistreat and profane the Amani'shi Empire's pantheon of Avatars? Then Mizu is the place for you.

Only a month old, Mizu needs your help to bolster its ranks and help it attain its dream of progression swiftly through 25-man content. Currently we run two full clears of Karazhan a week, and a third one is being organized as we speak. The trolls that make Zul'Aman their home have come to despise us as we murdered their Bear, Eagle and Lynx Avatars on our first visit last week. But none of these achievements come close to what we could accomplish with your help.

While any new blood is welcome, we are in particular need of a few classes and specs:
- Balance and Restoration Druids
- Hunters
- Mages
- Paladins
- Shadow Priests
- Rogues
- Shamans

If you're interested in joining us or have any questions, feel free to contact any of the following in game:
Thaiz, Tyryon, Vethorian - Guild Recruiter
Renii, Reniq - Guild Master
http://mizu.guildlaunch.com (You may fill out an application on our site, just click "Apply Now")