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    Re: Runeforging + weapon enchant?

    They won't stack.
    Runeforging is a permanent enchant just like normal enchants.

    There's a post from blizzard somewhere on
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    Re: Runeforging + weapon enchant?

    To clarify, since there's a lot of confusion and even more misinformation on the subject.

    Windfury Weapon - the self-only version that enhancement shamans use - is unchanged. It is still placed on your weapon. You still can't cast it on anyone else or their weapons. It still does not stack with sharpening stones. Identical to now. There is absolutely no difference whatsoever. At all.

    Windfury Totem has been changed to work like all your other totems do, meaning it provides a passive 'aura' that buffs players in the same way that Strength of Earth or Wrath of Air does. Instead of giving a chance of extra attacks, it now provides 16% melee and ranged haste. Since it doesn't do anything to your weapon, it won't matter if you have poisons or sharpening stones or Windfury on your weapon; you still get the buff. This means that a shaman will now benefit from his own Windfury Totem. This change also means that 'totem twisting' is no longer possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunta
    Which is why it suprises me that runeforging won't stack. After all, paladins have buffs like seal of command that give extra weapon hits and they can still have enchants on their weapons.
    Seal of Command is a self-buff placed on you. It doesn't really have anything to do with your weapon. Hence why it can be dispelled. But disarm a paladin, and he'll still have Seal of Command.
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