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    Re: Wheres the mana talent?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ugrateful
    I know he is i just don't get having aw give us mana back when used. It frankly don't make seance why it would. Not saying it wouldn't be nice but the change to having 20% more to healing imo is nicer. I like his idea however why not just place it in with Sheath of light to be static like everything else in the ret tree ? You are also right about Aw being made a Physical buff. If other classes have tools to scare the crap out of me with shouldn't i have the same ?

    After looking at some of the Dps plate for Wotlk and the epic sockets like

    I wouldn't worry at all about crit come wotlk for pvp, it there and we will benefit from it being there with spell power a great deal.

    lol again ? Are you saying you made up the seal of wisdom thing in the other thread ? Seriously i was just joking with you in this one about you making up stuff. Even though it would be nice i just don't see it happening for us.

    I dont think 12 spell power 10crit will be good for any kind of retri paladin.
    Ten str and 10 crit is nice. But u have to remember that % of crit from 10crit rating will not be same on 80 as it is now on lvl 70. So that sockets are good but not that great
    And yes atm i am using mostly in my brutal gear 5str and 5crt and i go with 34crit unbuffed atm and i think that is fine so i will aim for something like that in wotlk as well.

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    Re: Wheres the mana talent?

    Dont be stupid pls. I wrote there that spell power gem will not be good , i didnt mean that spell power is bad. It is good. But we get spell power from attack power and attack power from strenght.

    1 strenght = 2 attack power = 0.6 spell power + divine strenght + kings = allmost 0.8 spell power just from one strenght.

    Strength buffs everything we have. It buffs white dmg , it buffs seals it buffs judgements it buffs exorcism it buffs even our heals. The more strenght u have better u will fight and better u will heal with retri paladin.

    12 spell power gem is inferior to 10strenght gem in everyposible way and only retards will place it in there gear.

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    Re: Wheres the mana talent?

    10strenght =/= 20 attack power

    15% from divine strenght and 10% from kings > 20 attack power

    + as retri u will not heal that much that your spell dmg gems will be worth as much as you will be hitting stuff.
    Strenght is simply better.

    Proof of that is just look at enhancemnet shamans they have that same talent that we are getting for quite a long time now 30%ap to spell power. And i never ever have seen any ( good ) enhancement shaman place single socket of healing or spell dmg on his gear. Couse it is realy misserable bonus. They will heal , throw 3 - 5 lesser healing ways and go on continue dpsing ... 30 40 spell power will not change anything.
    I just tell you not a single good paladin will use that gems.

    For pvp stamina + strenght is better and strenght + crit is better. It scales good and that is exacly what blizzard wanted to make

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    Re: Wheres the mana talent?

    U need mana regeneration gems with incredible 4 mana / 5 sec while having judgmenets of the wise spiritual attunement 91 mana / 5 sec BoW and in wotlk easy to cast on target judmgent of wisdom that scales ?

    Think again pls.

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    Re: Wheres the mana talent?

    Meh, you can always steal some holydin gear. It will have mp5, Int, crit rating, sta and spellpower.

    Just take an item of 2 and you'll be fine :P

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