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    [A-PvE] 4/6 SWP - Silent Resurgence of Moonrunner

    Silent Resurgence is an Alliance raiding guild on the Moonrunner Server (PvE). We're progressing through Sunwell and are looking for members to fill our ranks to help us take down the final two bosses.

    We raid Sunday through Thursday, 6 PM to 10 PM Pacific (Server Time). We expect 75% or better attendance from our members.

    We have 3/4 (Kalecgos, Brutallus, Eredar Twins) server firsts in Sunwell, and are looking to add two more to that list!

    Because we are pushing Sunwell, we no longer raid Hyjal, except on off nights. We raid Black Temple weekly for Illidan, whom we killed in December of 2007, and random items that people still need.

    Members are expected to come prepared, knowing encounters and stocked with consumables.

    The ideal candidates would need few or no pieces of Black Temple loot and have Sunwell experience. We are, however, willing to consider any exceptional applicants who are in at least T5 quality gear. Enchants and gems should be the best available for your class and spec.

    We are actively seeking the following classes:

    1 Enhance Shaman
    2 Resto Shaman
    1 Combat Rogue

    Exceptionally geared and skilled players of other classes are welcome to respond, though we cannot guarantee that we will have room for you.

    You can visit us at sr.1sta.com, e-mail [email protected], or contact Emethan, Sof, Tarte, or Grubby in-game.

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    Re: [A-PvE] 4/6 SWP - Silent Resurgence of Moonrunner


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