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    Holy Paladin PvP 2v2/3v3 in WOLK? (is it alive again?)

    Ok I love playing my Paladin (Judgementus Eu SSL) I have played a pally tank for awhile and love it, healed in 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 and raids. But I find PvP was just too much of an up hill struggle in 2v2 or 3v3 for a holy Paladin so I am always on the look out for new ways to help me push the limits.

    I saw the new Paladin WOLK talents, I had a play and came up with this...
    Now it might have been mentioned before but I want to see if others think this is a good way to go for the arena at 80.

    Do you think getting Hots every time you crit is a good idea? I could see this being raid viable but also rather crappy if you have a low crit chance.

    Just wondered if anyone else had any ideas on how to better the Holy Paladins Chances at Arena.


    P.s. If anyone wants to chat about Pally Tanking specs I would like to see other points of view.

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    Re: Holy Paladin PvP 2v2/3v3 in WOLK? (is it alive again?)

    Holy paladin viability in the arena has gone through the roof in comparison with what it was.
    They have the otential for the biggest burst heals, that tied into the fact you got a 6sec cooldown on an instant heal, aswell as various other buffs.

    Basically the only bad thing is Blessing of Sacrifice got a bit of a nerf.
    Other than that things couldn't really be better.

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    Re: Holy Paladin PvP 2v2/3v3 in WOLK? (is it alive again?)

    Well now I hope to see 2000+ ratings I am sick of being stuck at 1800's and being bashed up by teams such like warroir/druid, rogue/druid, *insert name*/Druid.

    Do you play a Holy Paladin?

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