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    Retribution Aura

    Question: is imp Retribution aura worth it? with the talent it would add 112 * .5 = 56 so it would increase to 168. How much damage will your spell power add and can it crit? does Avenging wrath increase its damage if so i am taking things like vengeance and righteous vengeance would increase its damage anyone have numbers?

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    Its the same as improved sanctity aura.

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    Quote Originally Posted by Tadin
    Its the same as improved sanctity aura.

    Pretty sure he means Imp. Ret Aura that increases its reflective damage by 25/50%.

    And probably not unless your trying to help out a Prot Pally that is AOE tanking.

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    As a sidenote the talent gets applied after spellpower bonusses, so it might be marginally helpful.

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    Extremely nice on bosses with an AoE attack like e.g. Lurker. Everyone in 30y range of you that gets hit will deal damage, which even includes Hunter pets :P

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    Well from looking at the new talents for Wrath, it appears that Sanctity Aura will be going away since the Imp Sanc Aura effect now applies to Ret Aura and because of the addition of the Swift Retribution talent which gives a 3% haste increase. My guess is that Blizz is expecting rets to use ret aura now.


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    Re: Retribution Aura

    well imo it a good change. It a arua that we are supose to use. and with the spell coeffience it on of the best thing to come in warth, also with the 3% haste and 2% to damage increase. you are going to see it hit around 250 maybe more iam not sure but it pretty good imo.

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    All of this information, is based of Beta experience? Or guesswork?

    From what I've seen, at 70th, the ability is hitting for 200 or more, per melee strike, couple that with +2% Damage, +3% haste...yeah, that beats the +10% Holy damage of Sanctity aura against melee, and pulls out an equal total damage on everything else not beating on you.

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    Quote Originally Posted by Ugrateful
    Keep in mind you probably won't want Poj or Divine Purpose in pve anyway.
    In the words of a former raid leader of mine:

    "Any class that can talent to more efficiently GET OUT OF THE DAMN FIRE should do so."

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    Quote Originally Posted by Ugrateful
    If that's regarding paladins (Ret paladins at that) i would have to say he doesn't know the game all that well.
    Do i have to explain what paladins receive when they are healed outside of their healing abilities?
    Although I did find the post amusing, if you look at the changes to Seal of Wisdom and then take into account Judgements of the Wise, you wont be finding many oom Ret Bombs in PvE anymore.

    Lets try not to eco-dome talents and look at the whole picture. Many things are changing and you have to take them all into account.

    P.S. Dying has a 100% mana drain debuff. ^_^ lol

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    Quote Originally Posted by Ugrateful
    Fills the Paladin with divine wisdom for 30 sec, giving each melee attack a chance to restore some of the Paladin's mana. Only one Seal can be active on the Paladin at any one time. Unleashing this Seal's energy will judge an enemy for 20 sec, granting attacks and spells used against the judged enemy a chance to restore mana to the attacker. Your melee strikes will refresh the spell's duration. Only one Judgement per Paladin can be active at any one time.
    Instant cast, 14% of base mana

    This is a level 38 spell and hasn't been upgraded since then and will not come Wotlk. It doesn't even have a static amount of how much mana will be returned, it just says: Fills the Paladin with divine wisdom for 30 sec, giving each melee attack a chance to restore some of the Paladin's mana.

    Even though Judgement of the Wise is really nice a Ret paladin will have to relay on Burst damage and depending on how they handle Art of War and our over all Burst damage in ret everything is still chance.

    How effective it will be in Pvp is another story however if you look around i don't think any Ret paladin out there is worried about Pve that much anymore and Raiding. If Blizzard keeps to there word we should do fine in 25 mans.
    The change to Seal of Wisdom is that it now normalizes attack speed --> Mana ratio. So, now you gain maximum mana regen no matter what attack speed you have. Also, from the looks of things so far, the mana generated has recieved a significant buff, also increasing the usefulness of this spell.

    But yes, pvp wise we are still vulnerable to burn. But even so, use some skills and try to keep a Seal of Command on you and then judge for some mana. Auto reapply Seal via macro. Pew pew get phat lewts, thus proving we arent completely defenseless if we're smart about it.

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    This thread has gone rogue... the reason they droped sanctity aura is because now we have a ap to spell damage talent. This way tanks can have devotion aura which with the talent gives improved healing and if they have a ret paladin they can still have retribution aura. Though it might be better if retribution added holy damage to your attack instead of when you get hit. all i wanted to know if retribution aura could crit and how much damage was added with spell damage + talents then you people start talking about seal of wisdom...

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    Re: Retribution Aura

    They have doubled the Base Damage of the seal, and there seems to be a 5% damage coefficient (7.5% If you talent for +50% damage)

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