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    Re: Sollution for Alt-BGs?

    twinks are fun. Pre 70 BG's have very little resilience so they play out like pre BC WoW. It's just that twinking can make players more Godly in lower brackets than any gear gaps at 70.

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    Re: Sollution for Alt-BGs?

    apart from grinding more easily and being lazy, what is the point of giving some reward you earn with one character to another ?

    in table top rpgs does your gamemaster allow your second character to get the xps from your main ?

    i don't think so. so cope with it, learn that only efforts are rewarded and learn to play with your alts.
    eventually delete your alts if you're too lazy/unskilled
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    Re: Sollution for Alt-BGs?

    While I agree that honor shift from character to character wouldn't be a good idea, I don't get why you have to be "lazy" or "unskilled" to want to do it. IRL they might call it "innovative" and there are people who get paid to think up ideas to increase efficiency. So let's keep to constructive comments. Like this one.

    While it would be nice for my more geared characters to earn points my alts could spend, the potential for abuse is high, and Blizzard tends to want players to work on characters individually, with the only cross-pollution being professions, gold farming and the like.
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    Re: Sollution for Alt-BGs?

    i don't get the point about wanting to give anything you earned with a character to another. apart from being too lazy to achieve it with the alt.
    i mean, what's the point in having an alt if you can stuff it without even playing it ?

    that's full lazyness. and not playing a character doesn't give you any skill with it at all since skill comes out of experience (then playtime) for people who really involves themselves into it.

    the only thing i could imagine in such a fashion would be sthg like that :

    you have your main. he's exalted in all the bg factions. then you pick an alt and you make your main his mentor. this way your alt will gain more reputation in the bgs his mentor is exalted in. we can can even imagine a buff of +1 honor to every honor gain in the bgs. but one main could only be mentor of one alt at a time.

    of course abuses cold be done even with this system. but it's the only way i could find to help alts getting anything.
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    Re: Sollution for Alt-BGs?

    Just get your PVP gear from REPUTATION vendors.. those are good enough for entry level.. you dont need honor points right away...
    It's just a game.

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    Re: Sollution for Alt-BGs?

    errr and what's the point in that ?
    i mean is there any reputation vendors for 60- characters ?
    apart from the wsg, ab and av vendors that is.
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    Re: Sollution for Alt-BGs?

    How about BG divisions based on number of marks earnt? 0-100 marks division A - etc. Stops Alli honor farming in AV and Horde in the rest. (currently on 70 AB loses to 13 wins).

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    Re: Sollution for Alt-BGs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamble
    Hey there,
    eversince season gear has been available for honor I often get pissed at some people in the BG who join with their full green geared alts.

    Why? Because it's the easiest way to get gear by far. I myself own a mage (main) and a alt pally. Although I like playing with the pally it's more fun BGing with the mage and I gain much more honor.

    So, to get to the point: Why cant I transfer honor from my mage to the paladin? People would rather go in BGs with their mains than their alts (for pure honor farming), their better gear increases the chance of winning. To prevent honor-selling honor transfers should only be possible between chars of the same account (the chars should be the same lvl too).

    imo, this would make BGs more "geared" and therefore more fun due to the bigger challenge (where's the fun in ganking greens)

    whats your opinion?
    That takes out the time sink of playing a alt.
    Blizzard wouldnt like that hehe
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