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    Interesting raid buff ideas

    found an interesting reply to a post by Cally of Terokkar wanted to share if you havent seen it and open a topic of ideas blizz could expand on and give us some group/raid snergy.Since i know alot of rogues just want something.

    1.Vanish-modified for raid- all party/raid members in 10-20 yards recieve a slight or moderate aggro dump when vanish is used

    2.Expose armor- Stacking with sunder armor to a certian degree

    3.Mind numbing poison- slowing melee attacks as well as the current casting debuff, able to be applied to bosses.(im sure some PvP QQ would come of this but thats why e-peeners blow anyways)

    any other thoughts and ideas on our mechanics that can be expanded on to give a bit of raid utility please share.
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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    But then people would want to bring rogues?
    I spotted a flaw!

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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    Reduce your damage about then kk.
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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    Pretty interesting news dude!

    now we can see that Blizz really want to see everyone use the 'not so usefull' spells/abilities so it become a great bonus in every situations.
    and if Waylay (sub tree(30% attack/cast speed reduction on ambush)could work on some mobs or even on mobs it would be awsome for us so we can spec on any build and that can bring an utility to everyone!

    but im sure Blizz will try to destroy that dream:raiding sub and to be usefull for your raids :'(

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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    combat swords for pve... sub dagger for pvp imo

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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    I had an idea sumilar to number 1. for an aggro dump skill, but having an AOE Aggro dump seems a little too OP. My idea was the following:

    Skill Title: "Plant Evidence"

    It would be on a long cooldown, something like 10 or 15 mins so it cant be abused multiple times in all encounters. What it does: takes 25% (or another respectable amount) of the Rogue's threat and adds it to the person's threat currently at the top of the threat table (typically the tank).

    Similar to the new Salvation in Wrath, it would be something of a clutch skill that rogues could use to both keep their threat under control adn help the tank build more in case anyone is getting close to OverDPS, kinda of like a panic button to help the raid keep DPSing, nuking in cases of emergency, it would make having more than a rogue or two desireable in the raid, without having to resort to having rogues buff people.

    I wanted to post this on the Wrath BEta forums, but sadly Im not in the beta, so if anyone who is reads this, please feel free to copy paste.

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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    I'd like to see a poison which has a DoT on it, as well as a raid wide available armor reduction on the target.
    We wouldn't need to waste energy on expose armor that way.

    Plus, it's the most logical raid buff that rogues could use.

    That, or a crit chance or energy regeneration aura, like druids and hunters.
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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by bbr
    I'd like to see a poison which has a DoT on it
    Deadly poison ftw!

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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    Poisons are getting a rework soon so you might see something new there.
    I have nothing against rogues getting a few group buffs, ones that don't effect the rogue would be best to avoid the QQing for the "you can't do great DPS and Buff" group. A misdirection type spell like Dranaerys suggested will fit this perfectly as it doesn't directly buff the rogue but helps the group as a whole.

    Or perhaps something that reduces the amount of damage caused by AOEs to those around the rogue

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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    That "Plant Evidence" idea is great and i hope someone throws that idea around in beta.

    Rogue is the only class that doesnt have a buff or and internal mechanic to help its party/raid. outside of 3 exceptions

    1. Haste drums
    2. Wound poison/Mind numbing - for the fights heals might get off/ or a cast you want slowed down for kick from another rogue trading off Cd's.
    3. 2pts in imp Expose - sure it beats out sunder armor but at what Dps cost for the rogue and if you have a survival hunter in the raid its there job to be sacrificing dps for raid buff not ours.

    still feel its high time we had something even on a medium cooldown to add to the mix.

    Plant Evidence FTW !
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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by Tadin
    But then people would want to bring rogues?
    I spotted a flaw!
    Is it that number 1 would reduce the tanks threat?

    And to the OP, expose armor should increase the crit chance on the target by 1% per combo point and stack with sunder armor. This would own in raids and pvp.

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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by Dranaerys

    Skill Title: "Plant Evidence"
    Thats actually a really cool idea, I would love to see that.
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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    I love Plant evidence. Its like Hunter's MD. except with the current Threat meter often not posting the right threat, we could have dumped the threat to a LOCK...
    But on second thought its not a bad idea ;D

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    Re: Interesting raid buff ideas

    You could use this in pvp to get your enemies account banned by selling gold or something... then it would be really cool.

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