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    Holy PvP build (Arena/BG)

    I've been playing around with a holy build for a while, at first I went for the typical Holy/Prot build and went on from there.

    Having Divine Guardian and Kings seemed pretty nice and a logical thing to do, cookie cutter if you will.

    But then I got my eyes on Sheath of Light in the Retribution tree and came up with this build:

    The idea behind it is the following.
    I first checked what I was missing out on when I would go for this, so just to list that.
    Beacon of Light
    It's fairly mana expensive for 2v2 and 3v3, sure it would be decent in arenas but it can be dispelled.It's a HoT though which is nice, but I would be getting those with Sheath of light aswel.

    Blessing of Kings
    One epic buff for sure, but in the arenas I will only be buffing a few people, they can get dispelled and I will personally be getting a nice BoM in return.

    Divine Guardian
    Too bad to miss out on this one since it seems so nice, although in the arenas there's a fair chance that my bubble will get dispelled or that I would be using it to save myself from getting nuked meaning I wouldn't be draining 30% of the damage done the first few seconds of it's duration.

    What I would gain from this build is the following:
    Improved Blessing of Might
    This talent has gotten the recent change to improve the effect of BoM by 50%, which would mean a lvl 80 BoM would give a whopping 450 AP. Nice for melee/hunter classes who I'd do arenas with and for myself because of sheath of light.

    Conviction would give me another 5% spellcrit, which would give me 10% holy crit from talents in total and a whopping 16% for holy light and holy shock, which would mean more holy shock crits = instant holy lights.

    Sheath of Light
    Now onto the beauty of Sheath of Light, I have checked my naked Paladin at level 70 and I have around base 430 AP with a whopping 450 AP from BoM on top of that I'd have 880 AP, which would give me an interesting spellpower amount of 264 from just 1 buff, which you can easily re-apply.
    On top of the nice spellpower buff all my critical heals (10% holycrit and 16%HL/HScrit from talents would help a lot with this) would give the target a HoT for 60% of the amount healed.

    So yes the general idea is.. you're missing out on a few things. But every crit would give a nice free HoT effect on the target and you'll get a nice spellpower buff for yourself.
    Now in raids beacon of light would possibly win hands down since it could heal an entire raid (given that everyone is within 10 yards...) But I figured this would be a decent pvp build since you crit more, which means more instant Holy Lights and all your crits would have free HoT effects.

    So... what do you think?

    P.S. sorry for the wall of text. oh and please be constructive (read as: you (dis)agree... why?)

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    Re: Holy PvP build (Arena/BG)

    I had a similar idea with this spec:


    Repentance > Divine Ill.

    The only problem with any paladin pvp healing is that we are extremely vulnerable to mana burn and we have no on request mana regen abilities.

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    Re: Holy PvP build (Arena/BG)

    Repentance is a really good talent indeed, and getting Judgement of the wise on the way there isn't too shabby either. That's not such a bad idea no.

    The thing is though, as you say, we're vulnerable to mana burn. and the new ranks of HL etc.. have quite high mana costs aswel. Therefor I would personally prefer to have DI over Repentance.
    And Sacred Cleansing isn't to be underestimated either. That might actually prove to be really nice vs priests. Imagine SW:Pain on you, you cleanse and get a 30% chance to resist Mana Burn, well in a perfect world of course. but you get the idea, it could easily safe you or teammates, since cleanse is used a lot in arenas.

    On the other hand Repentance might be a more safer bet and it gives a CC effect. I guess this will depend on the team setup.

    I do like the idea of having Repentance as Holy though. Not to mention Judgement of the Wise, with base holy damage(which should be higher due to the spellpower implementation) judgements could deal some decent damage.

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    Re: Holy PvP build (Arena/BG)

    imo somthing like this will be the new big arena pvp spec for pallys


    if u dont know anything with a 20min or higher cd cant be used in arena.

    this spec would let lay on hands into arena =]

    idk if that would help all that much but i think a 15-20k instant heal in a pinch would be grate ( 15-20k in wrath gear of corse )

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    Re: Holy PvP build (Arena/BG)

    The maximum for cooldowns is < 15 mins for usage in arena.

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    Re: Holy PvP build (Arena/BG)

    I would go a similar build to what Gerbill linked

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    Re: Holy PvP build (Arena/BG)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ugrateful
    When was this changed ? Last i read it was 30 mins to prevent paladins, Warriors and other classes from using oh shit buttons.
    Always been 15 minutes as far as I know. Still prevents oh shit buttons.

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