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    PvP MM Spec

    What do you think?

    Imp Stings and Chimera Shot look pretty good
    Combat Experience is a possability but maybe V Piercing Shot
    Wild Quiver?

    Constructive Critism welcomed

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    Re: PvP MM Spec

    That's a Surv spec ???

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    Re: PvP MM Spec

    It's a survival spec, and it looks a lot like pve.

    Seems to me you linked the wrong spec

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    Re: PvP MM Spec

    Ah buggery.. I'll remake it

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    Re: PvP MM Spec

    heres a pvp mm spec i guess...

    i wouldnt even go for those BM talents becos in PvP its more about burst and Imp hawk is basically a PvE steady dps kinda thing? you get wat i mean?

    as for wild quiver.. i wouldnt take it the proc rate is just waaaay too low..check out the comments on it on WoWhead those should prove insightful.

    piercing shots actually seem pretty ok mayb make it 10% pierce? iono if 6% is imba or not just a thought but this talents would help against those pesky warriors and make clothies well... more clothie like xD

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    Re: PvP MM Spec

    Haven't checked the talents alot, but this is prolly what im gonna try

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    Re: PvP MM Spec

    mind if i just put in my own thoughts?

    1. you need to see how extremely beneficial maxing the focus aimed talent is.
    2. why put 5 points into endurance training when you can just max survivalist? its twice as much hp. pet hp wont matter as much anyway seeing the new changes to pets should keep them alive more
    3. seeing as yur not BM spec i dont think you should get any of the starting tier BM talents

    Final thoughts: maxing entrap would save and survivalist would save your ass.. A LOT. focus aimed 3/3 is a must

    @ kukuun
    1. i would never get improved stings over other better talents such as stated in point 3
    2. 1 point in imp daze is good enough.
    3. erm focused aim? that means yur gonna stand there waiting a year for an aimed shot or steady shot to fire off while yur under fire?
    4. wild quiver = total PvE move and even then its still a pretty crappy 3 point talent which brings me to point 5
    5. wild quiver over imp steady shot? srsly?
    6. masters call is good but to waste that many talent points when yur not even BM spec to get it = waste deterrence would be way better in dodging those warlock DoTs

    note: this is just to help u guys lol dont take it as me dissing you just pointing out some stuff

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    Re: PvP MM Spec

    whoever asked about a good pet resource site, its its the best ive found by far.

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