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    Imp SS

    So i am just wondering if I'm the only person out there that feels like Stormstrike should actully do something that is beneficial to the Shaman that uses the ability. I know the 20% dmg increase is nice however it usually just gets taken over by the ele shaman in the raid. And with the emergence of Improved Stormstrike i was like " yeah finally the ability will do something" yet all it shows is an increases in its odd stat.

    IMO is all wondering what yall's thoughts are, and if you believe something will ever happen about it.

    also i was told by someone that the windfury weapon buff that we give ourselves is just haste now is that correct i know that the totem is? Because if it is that just proves my point even more that SS should do something more, or shamans should receive another type of melee ability.

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    From what I hear the WF weapon is going to be the same and it can now be cast on ppl the totem gives 20% haste and i agree with the SS more affecting the ehance shammies maybe have it a flat 10% nature dmg inc so that it doesnt just get absorb by rogue poisons and itll actually get some use out of it and i wouldnt mind it being a moonkin myself. It should help you more then it currently does.

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    Re: Imp SS

    Doesn't really matter anymore tbh, you'll be spamming Flame Shock in raids anyway.

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