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    Bloodsurge's instant Slams

    Do the instant slams you gain from Bloodsurge after a critical Bloodthirst reset your swingtimer?
    would be weird if they'd do

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    Re: Bloodsurge's instant Slams

    If its like it works with shamans, then yes. Using NS+LB resets swingtimer in melee.

    I hope it doesnt though.... Though TBH id rather get furious resolve in my 27/44 2H fury non-TG build

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    Re: Bloodsurge's instant Slams

    if it does as an infrequent happening anyway, you'd use it as your white swing landed, your main hand white swing or just after they both land if they are in quick succession both weapons with close to the same speed would be good likely.
    Slam is very high dmg to rage ratio so it's pretty sweet even if it clips the start of your swing slightly.

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    Re: Bloodsurge's instant Slams

    If it does, it's probably not intended to, i suspect; much like how a full maelstrom weapon stack (=instant cast) LB/CL/whatever currently resets the swing timer.

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