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    Re: Elimination of spell damage from tanking?

    Quote Originally Posted by zox
    Also take into account the insane tps buffs we get in raids:
    totems: str of earth, flametongue, windfury (requiring only 1 shaman)
    buffs: fortitude, imp spirit, kings, might, sanctuary
    auras: retri
    group buffs: commanding shout, battle shout, unleashed rage, ferocious inspiration
    raidwide debuffs: imp hunter's mark, expose weakness, misery

    probably missed out some too...
    Well, yeah. But you have to remember that we are getting these tps buffs because raid dps is now all about group buffing. So I'd call this a wash.

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    Re: Elimination of spell damage from tanking?

    Quote Originally Posted by Moar Pew Pew
    Except that by spending the extra points on mitigation for the same threat strength will provide, you will lose stats on avoidence. Which, so far, which seems still to be a far better trade.
    Let me say it again. I don't think we need extra threat. Imagine a t6 geared paladin. Say he drops all his spelldmg from his gear maybe with the exception of the spelldmg weapon. 1500 stamina, say 700 block value.

    From changing to wotlk he'll get 1500*0.3 = 450 spelldmg, 700*2*1.9*1.15*high threat multiplier(?)/8=382*X tps
    + all the buffs

    It's a pretty insane tps boost.

    ps.: and he has those extra points from spelldmg to spend elsewhere (like block value)
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    Re: Elimination of spell damage from tanking?

    Yes, it's a big TPS boost.
    Now remove every passive threat reduction spell in the game.
    What you're essentially describing, zox, is a desire to tank in gear without "threat" stats. Not going to happen: every tank set from T1-6 has had "wasted" points on threat stats. The Strength redesign will only take this further. Design has harped on the new tank itemization to the point of it becoming canon: tanks will do significant DPS. That's what they're designing around, that's what they're itemizing for.
    Oh, and Block Value? DEFINITELY not going to happen in raid sets beyond what's on the shield. Maybe a ring or two. Warriors, DK's, and Paladins are sharing tank sets come Wrath. Blocking has been trivialized on warriors and doesn't happen at all for DK's. All three classes get some mitigation/avoidance benefit from Strength. All three get threat from Strength. Be prepared to be salivating over purples with Strength, Stam, and Def/Do/Pa. Wouldn't hold my breath on seeing a ton of Block Rating, either.
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