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    My future pvp spec - fun times over...

    Hi all. Just some simple speculation about future of MM hunter pvp

    First of all: it seems quite clear that BM is going to be more viable PvP spec due to all nice additions and improved pet scaling. Even so i still desire to continue PvP:ing with MM spec since I dislike relying on my pet too much ( it reminds me of when my lock was forced to re-spec sl/sl due to destruction no longer being viable spec for PvP)

    It seems that blizzard has also began to consider MM as some sort of "drain" class instead of our old school dps position. I almost cried when I first saw Chimera Shot... Oh well no use crying about it but it's really going to make our life at arena even harder then it is now: just imagine how it will be when instead of watching that enemies can't remove you Viper you need to also watch out for it's last tick so you can shoot your Chimera. Using Naturally most enemies will be aware of this and will abuse LOS like they usually do. It would be hard to get it right even if they just stood there since projectile animation and latency DO take their part.

    Pet's have needed their upgrade for a long time and have finally gotten it. It's good to finally have more viable pets that ravagers and scorpids. But is adding some upgrade to our pets so great improvement that hunter's itself can be left with less upgrade?
    I was hoping to get some more survibility instead of new traps or instants (like camouflage.... I just knew it was too good to be true...)
    Atleast I finally get to use my dear hyena in PvP.

    My first try out spec as one of remaining MM PvP:ers will be this. All comments welcome.
    Sure it lacks many important talent's from BM, but you really cant have that much if you want Deterrence and Surefooted ( cheap copy of Evasion/Cloak of Shadows in my opinion) Points in surefooted are just to test it out, it might end up being huge disappointment since most classes can just reapply impairing effects instantly.
    (I know that imp.steady seems pretty for PvP, those points would pretty surely be much more use somewhere else. Dunno about armor reduction have test it against some paladins, warrs and DKs to be sure)

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    Re: My future pvp spec - fun times over...

    Imo, Surefooted has become less useful now that it's no longer resistance, but reduced duration.

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    Re: My future pvp spec - fun times over...

    surefooted got nerfed bad!!

    i used to love running pass those high lvl spiders and laughing at them when their annoying webs get resisted!! muahahha..

    but on a sidenote, with the recent nerf to surefooted PvP is gonna suck a bit more now..if the 30% reduced duration was in addition to the resist that would have been awesome.. but still...

    anyway its still in Beta so what we're doing now is just speculation aand theorycrafting..

    also it was stated that a lot of new mechanics are being brought in .. and the threat mechanics if im not wrong were changed... so mayb the mechanics involving movement would have changed and resulted in a buff instead!!! xD

    once again.. MAYBE lol


    i would go something like this http://www.wow-europe.com/en/info/ba...000000000#none

    i think u only need 1 lvl in imp daze to get yur 3 steady shot + bonus dmg in.. or just for the increased daze..

    and i wouldnt get imp tracking for PvP but instead put those points into savage strikes and surivalist

    savage strikes is one of the best things for PvP.. have you ever seen a cocky mage get too close only to be critted for 2.5k raptor strike? xD

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