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    Talent 0

    what do you think ?
    I'm maybe thinking of only putting 4 points in burnout to get the "Focus magic" talent, don't know yet.

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    Re: Talent

    Hm...yeah I'd go for that, but only if no other mage specced arcane/arcane-frost etc...
    Quote Originally Posted by Tablemaker
    Yeah. It's funny how they reverse the whole thing. The fact of the matter is... if a customer created a scene in real life like they are in the forums, they would be removed from the store. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

    Example: GC works at McDonalds. Some idiots walks up to the counter and asks for a Whopper. GC tells him they do not sell Whoppers. The idiot flips a nut. Calls GC off and throws straws at him. GC asks him to leave.

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    Re: Talent

    I'm currently asking myself if Hot streak is good or not.

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    Re: Talent

    Quote Originally Posted by HellBurn
    I'm currently asking myself if Hot streak is good or not.
    AS I just said there, if they're gonna allow 'rolling streaks' (with the proc being first in row), you will need just under 25% crit (raid buffed) for it to be as efficient as Critical Mass, without rolling streaks, that goes up to almost 40%
    For 1% crit per talent point you would need resp. 17,32 or 31,07% crit.
    That's all ofcourse without Combustion and hitting more then 3 targets with your AoE attacks will increase the gain as well (not to mention that your next AoE spell will ALL crit )

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    Re: Talent

    Screw fire. It's useless for PvE as it currently stands except to grab imp scorch and MoE for arcane PvE builds.

    Unless of course you want to do some fancy aoe.

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