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    Uhn'agh Fash, the Darkest Betrayal

    Hi guys.

    Currently i have killed Cho'gal 11 times on normal, did half bwd hc and still haven't seen a single drop of [Uhn'agh Fash, the Darkest Betrayal]. http://www.wowhead.com/item=59494

    Any1 knows how many runs must i complete till this item drops?

    P.S. it says the drop chance is medium but i dont believe it is like that ....

    Edit: All the kills were on 25
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    25 man raids > whine, lowbie.

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    I got it on my first run; RNG is RNG. It's kinda baddish, though. You might do better springing for a Scaleslicer or running a BWD trash farm group.
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    Classic servers are silly.

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    Random loot is random, we hadn't seen any for about the same as then, finally had our first last night. It may drop next week, it may never drop. That's the idea behind RANDOM loot. Yes, it does suck.

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    It's random. There's no "run it x amount of times" to guarantee a drop. Either you get lucky or you don't.

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    Not that uncommon. Still a 3.6% chance of occurrence.
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    We have DE'd one each week for the past 3.

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    Random loot is Random.

    My guild did 'Heroic'/Hardmode 10-man Thorim every week/reset that we were able to (5/31 was our first kill, Ulduar launched ~4/14, so it took us almost 2 months) all the way through until ICC came out, and we only ever had *ONE* Mjolnir Runestone drop, which I got.

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