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    paralysis just a placeholder?

    i went to browse the shaman US-english beta forums when i stumbeled across this...


    it seems that last build and current build paralysis wasnt working. and now koraa has poped up to inform us that its
    "Being replaced with something soon, along with a few other changes to deep Elemental."

    i think we will have to brace ourselfs :S this isnt the first time that that talent has been changed/removed/replaced.

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    Re: paralysis just a placeholder?

    I like the spell dmg gain but only 15% slow wasnt very impressive. Hopefully they'll change it to something more useful.

    I hope they fix Storm, Earth, & Fire as well. I like that they're trying to get us to use more than just LB/CL spam by throwing in FS/LB but without a range boost to shocks, we'll be ranged gimped like spriests are now (see mind flay).

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    Re: paralysis just a placeholder?

    I believe its getting replaced & so are some ele changes deep in the tree
    Although i as a enh want astral shift :P

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    Re: paralysis just a placeholder?

    hopefully they wont nerf thunderstorm.

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