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    Reckoning/Crusader Strike.....any good?

    I've found out that you can manage to get down to Reckoning in the Protection tree and Crusader Strike in the Retribution tree. And what I want is your oppinions about who it would workout.

    Here is the specc that I'm looking at:


    Well you get some points left after you've hit Crusader Strike, so from there it's up to oyur own to deside.=)

    Well the combat situation would be like this.

    A melee class hits you and Reckoning procs, you hit him with an ordernary melee swing and get an other swing from reckoning, then you use Crusader Strike, and from that one you get extra hit again from Reckoning. Lets count, if you have some deacent gear you might critt above maybe 3-5k on lvl 80, even moore if you have your Avenging Warth on. So lets say that you critt first 4k,5k then maybe 5k, 5k. To me that's quite the burst dmg, and just imagine if you have WF-totem to.

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    Re: Reckoning/Crusader Strike.....any good?

    WF doesn't give you extra attacks anymore.

    Relying on an ability, to proc, that requires for you to take damage, is like making a spec based on you getting silenced, you'll suck, when you're not silenced.

    Instead, make a spec where you are guaranteed to do damage.

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    Re: Reckoning/Crusader Strike.....any good?

    I would agree, Reckoning is only ever reliable when your getting attacked by multiple enemies at once or a couple with fast weapon swings.

    Its worth a try however just for shits and giggles


    Also Reckoning is best used on fast weapons to use all the charges within 8 seconds. So if you say using a 3.6 speed weapon you will only get two procs off within the 8 seconds.

    As you need to be hit to proc Reckoning you haven't taken the dodge or parry talents, thats 10% chance of taken no damage from attacks given up

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    Re: Reckoning/Crusader Strike.....any good?

    Above statement about Reckoning is WRONG.

    IT has been proven that any weapon with a swing timer GREATER then 2.0 actually gets 8 seconds of double DPS, while any weapon with a swing time under that only receives 4*swing timer in DPS gain each proc.

    This is because since Reckoning can proc on any random time in between swings, you can win as much from the first swing (which was already swinging before Reckoning procced) as you can losing from the end.

    The only reason you want a faster weapon with Reckoning is because;
    * More seal & judgement procs
    * Reckoning being refreshed while AoE tanking
    * There are no slow 1H weapons with spellpower on them.

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    Re: Reckoning/Crusader Strike.....any good?

    I suppose you are correct, just because it doesn't use all the charges doesn't mean it isn't doing double damage for 8 seconds.

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    Re: Reckoning/Crusader Strike.....any good?

    To be honest playing a Retribution Paladin already involves quite some luck because of Seal of Casino (Seal of Command) going with Reckoning over Divine Storm only adds to that.

    The build can however proc unexpected burst DPS, but I do not think it will deliver you more DPS than when compared to a solid Crusader Strike / Divine Storm build

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    Re: Reckoning/Crusader Strike.....any good?

    This might be the most retard spec that I have ever seen. You know unless your trying to half ass tank and half ass dps. No divine storm and no righteous vengeance. This wouldn't be raid viable or solo viable.

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    Re: Reckoning/Crusader Strike.....any good?

    Welll honestly if u look for PVP it could be good to put Reckonning but for PVE it will be useless and yeah u have to work on your build lol

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    Re: Reckoning/Crusader Strike.....any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sephirote
    if u look for PVP it could be good
    No, it could not.

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