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    Re: What will happen to Blessing of Light Libram?

    Relic users get hosed in general, really, they're supposed to do something unique and interesting, which I respect, but they rarely succeed in, and more often than not, by giving them a unique purpose, they're either only useful to a VERY select few people, or they're only useful in a VERY select few situations.

    A few exceptions are of course present.

    Add on top of that, that they're not even good for anything but their bonus, a ranged weapon can still be used to hurt someone in a pinch.

    Just make relics a third trinket, effectively, give them a base stat adjustment/passive effect, one that's very easy to make use of, and then an on-use effect that's a little more novel.

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    Re: What will happen to Blessing of Light Libram?

    yeah, I think relics should be a third trinket/passive effects, on top of stats.

    To me, it seems that relic slots were created as a bandaid more than an actual useful slot.

    man, look at the old pvp relics... I don't need more resilience as a healing pally with ~350 - 400. In any case, I would rather have more mana regen.

    an example I have is:

    Libram of SunZu
    strength = X amount
    stam = y amount

    everytime your art of war effect procs, your next crusader strike will steal life equal to the damage dealt.

    (something like that)

    Libram of Uther Resolve
    int = x amount
    crit = x rating

    your healing spell crit has a 30% chance to increase your judgement range by 10 yards and reduce the CD by 100%

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