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Because mages really need another ohshit button for melee. Really.

How about a conjure tears spell?
Conjure Tear
Instant Cast
Whenever this is cast on a warrior, rogue, feral druid, enhancement shaman, they can do nothing but cry emotes till the next patch

More Ideas.... (somewhat serious ones)

Meteor Storm
Instant Cast
30 seconds cooldown
Deals X fire damage to target and place a Starlight debuff on target. Starlight debuff (magic) deals X arcane damage to all of target's allies within a 15 yard radius every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Living Bomb
Channelled (10 seconds)
5% of max mana every seconds
1 minute cooldown
Deal X fire damage to all enemies within a 45 radius around you and reduce your mana to 0 where X equals to the amount of mana spent channeling this spell. If the caster dies or interrupt during the channelling, the effect immediately activates. After using this spell, the caster becomes silence and unable to regenerate mana for 10 seconds.

2.5 seconds cast
10 seconds cooldown
Blast a target enemy for X frost damage and summons four floating portals arround him for 20 seconds. Your next Frost spell targetting the target will be redirected to up to four targets within the target's 10 yard radius instead, dealing 1/4 of the damage to the new targets. Each Frost spell cast towards the initial target will consumes a portal on target.

2 seconds cast
15 seconds cooldown
Blast a target enemy for X frost damage and chills the target for 5 seconds. If the target has mana, drains 5% of target's mana and deals arcane damage equals to the mana drain to target.