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    Shaman in WOTLK?

    Hi what do u think with SHAMAN in WOTLK?Will you reroll for some other class ? What your profession ,will u change in WOTLK for your class?

    We didn't get any update a week ago?What you think will be with resto?Enha and Ele looks like imba but ,what will be with paralyzation ?Resto ,waiting for new chain heal ......

    What is your profesion now and will u change it in WOTLK?I have already Herb and Alch ,but i think i will take mining for stamina ,and i will wait what will be with herb - if we will get some int or what ...

    I play PVP and PVE ... profesions .... mining for pvp ,and herb maybe for pve or keep alch?But alch looks like shit in wotlk..

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    Re: Shaman in WOTLK?

    I only have 2 70's, hunter and shaman with the hunter as mainchar from day 1. And my shaman is only about 3-4 months lvl 70 now. Still, I can't really decide of which char I should lvl first, both shaman and hunter changes are nice. But I think shaman will be more fun and to think of going back to Enh which I've been till 58 before I was going outland.... Enh seems to be fine/great for WotLK-PvP also, so I really can't decide...
    New chain heal rank will come I think, just like all totems will be getting a new rank. Don't worry about that, they probably are busy with it atm. Paralysis was just a placeholder, which is confirmed here:


    My proffs are Herb/Alch atm, might drop Alch so I can get Inscription/Herb, since you need Herbalism for it anyway.
    Seems like the way to go for alot of Alchemists, you could try it also

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    Re: Shaman in WOTLK?

    I'm currently preparing my Shaman to get the "First level 80 Shaman on the server" achievement, after which I can level up my professions Herb/Alch again, or maybe if I'm fast enough stay on the levelling train with my Hunter or Warrior and level to 80 by tanking instances. Not sure if pet changes will allow my Hunter to finally be more efficient in quests/farming then my prot Warrior, sure hope so :s
    I might go Inscription on an alt, but that will all be decisions to make once it's completely done and I know exactly what I'm choosing.

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    Re: Shaman in WOTLK?

    Good question. I am not yet sure what to do with my lvl 70 shaman. Even though he is my main and even though I like the "feeling" of the class I am not sure if I will take him to 80. Too bad were my past experiences regarding balancing. Since I like to play a healer (both in WoW and in Guild Wars) I might level up my priest instead. I tried druid as well but it's just not my playstyle. And there are too many resto druids around already, too :

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    Re: Shaman in WOTLK?

    Enha and Ele trees are so imba ... but i like resto too...

    we have to wait for chain heal and new ranks ...
    but know somebody what change will be with paralysis?

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