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    Mind Sear mana cost

    so according to http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?page=642 Rank 2 of Mind Sear costs 2890 mana. to me this appears to be a bit too much, since it does 212 to 228 Shadow damage every 1 sec for 5 sec to all enemies within 10 yards around the target, thats 1060 to 1140 dmg over 5 seconds channeled. (without the +spellpower bonus )

    what do you think about this?

    imo, the big mana cost limits the situations in which this spell is worth using. im not sure about how the spell generates threat, but 5 seconds channeled leaves a pretty big chance that it will be interrupted/silenced. even with 2% mana returned from VT the mana cost is high. i may think of other things to say, this is all i have for now

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    Re: Mind Sear mana cost

    since when did AOE spells become mana efficient?

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    Re: Mind Sear mana cost

    Holy Nova is more effective than Mind Sear, that says something ^^

    Also, mind sear only becomes worth using over dotting targets at 9+ targets under effect of it. (proven on shadowpriest.com)

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    Re: Mind Sear mana cost

    it takes 142.86% spell damage as bonus (28.572% per thick):
    with 1500 spell damage (blue gear?) it's 649 damage per target every second for each target

    SoC-AE are better in term of mana efficiency, but both spells take a lot less +spell coefficient

    wait for end game contents and we'll see how good it is
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    Re: Mind Sear mana cost

    Quote Originally Posted by globe
    since when did AOE spells become mana efficient?
    Seed of Corruption? ;D

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    Re: Mind Sear mana cost

    Has anyone thought about how maybe this will be used to boost locks aoe dmg? Seed of corruption explodes after a certain amount of shadow dmg is dealt to the target.

    Can you imagine a spriest and a lock together aoe'ing a pack down?

    Those SOC would explode almost instantly.

    And think about tabbing through and putting up VT?

    mana regen for you party would be crazy, yours would suck, but your party would get a nice boost.

    thats my two cents

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    Re: Mind Sear mana cost

    Well, I don't think the intent was to give Shadowpriests an AE that rivals a Mage or Warlock. The idea is that we won't be completely gimped in AE situations as we are right now.

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    Re: Mind Sear mana cost

    i think i saw some bluepost on tracker about mind sear manacost and it being adjusted on later versions

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    Re: Mind Sear mana cost

    coolest thing about mindsear is that you can cast it on CC:ed mob and it wont get broken by that!!! ASDASDSA :OOO ok its just small little bonus for 5 mans but still ^^ cost will go down for sure and it will get at least that 23% manacost reducement from shadow talents. What i would wish for would be that mindsear would be affected by shadowpower talent.

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