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    ye tru tru but someone was saying that 2sec mana burn is way too long.
    i personally hate vipersting because i cant dispell it as priest ^^

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    All the drains have their bonus's, mana burn does %50 damage, viper sting means you dont need to keep on casting it, and drain mana gives mana to the caster.

    I dont see what the problem is here, btw im a priest, mana burning in areana's is bloody annoying, unless the noobs arent attacking me.

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    was mentioning cast time as a argument to the fact that you can dispell sting with some classes and personally dont think manaburn is broken or anywhere near.

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    buff priest that they can dispell viper sting. gogo. we are priests! holy ppl. HOLYYY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karpalo
    im not saying make manaburn better but more like balance vipersting around other similar ability values. Long cast time makes manaburn balanced as you cant expect to get it off that often against any opponent that got a clue but vipersting is most effective drain already as it is and now they are more than doubleing the value it drains.

    (mamburn lollerl)
    I agree Viper may be a bit much but, you don't know how much mana you'll have in WoTLK PvE and/or PvP. You may see it as a reasonable change when it releases, at least with a sting you can heal, insta burn with low mana = no heals :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooch
    You can't dispell mana burn, but you can on viper sting. I'm not sure about Drain Mana.

    yes you can dispell drain mana :-)
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