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    Down Ranking

    Am I missing something? With all the casts being a percentage of base mana, will it be completely worthless to down rank a greater heal and other casts? I know things can change, but I just wanted to make sure I was not reading this all wrong. Heal (rank 1) 36% of base mana as well as all ranks of Heal and Greater Heal equaling 36% of base mana, other than ranks 7-9 Greater Heal, which are showing up as 32% of base mana. Let me know if I just completely misunderstand.

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    No you are not. They said downranking would be penalized and whats more effective way to do it? Personally i hope they will remove the irrelevant ranks off from spellbook tho.

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    Re: Down Ranking

    Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I must have missed that somewhere.

    And now I see the post just a few down from mine...

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    Re: Down Ranking


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