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    Spell Interrupt?

    Glyph of Exorcism - Your Exorcism also interrupts spellcasting for 0 sec.

    how is this going to work? will it not do damage because humanoid targets are invalid for the spell but still interrupt? i wouldnt mind if that's how it worked since so far i don't think paladins need any help in the damage dept. but the spell interrupt would be great.

    or will it just not work because exorcism only affects undead and demons so when attempting to use on a player will it give the "Invalid Target" error message and do nothing.

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    Re: Spell Interrupt?

    Its a pve glyph, not a pvp glyph.

    Plain and simple. Only work on demons and undead.

    Ps, check the post under yours which is talking about it

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    Re: Spell Interrupt?

    Useless in PVP, moderatly usefull in PVE - but honestly, why bother spending a Glyph on this when other classes have an Interrupt as a core ability?

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    Re: Spell Interrupt?

    Not the most useful glyph on the face of the planet; I'd rather spend my space and effort on something else, unless you're hellbent on stopping that Imp from spamming Fireballs at your face.

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