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    Wands off from GCD

    I heard this change is implemented in beta and i was wondering if it could be possible to make SWD cast wand macros for itzy bitzy extra dps? :> Anyone with beta key mind testing some options for the use of this new change?

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    Re: Wands of from GCD

    I think you missed an f, but I don't think they will be off GCD.

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    Re: Wands of from GCD

    apparently they are but it might be that its kind a reversed they dont cause GCD to trigger but are affected by it?

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    Re: Wands off from GCD

    wands are still on the GCD, however they only trigger it ONCE when you start wanding. So you can stop wanding and cast a spell much easier but not until the initial GCD has gone.

    So no more being blinded by all the action bar icons cooling down each wand hit.

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