View Poll Results: Come Wrath of the Lich King, what will you as a Warlock do? Stay a Warlock? Reroll a Deathknight? Re

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  • Reroll to something other than Warlock

    119 25.54%
  • Stay Warlock

    219 47.00%
  • Have not decided yet

    128 27.47%
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    Re: Will you reroll or stay Warlock in WotLK?

    New talents indeed looks miserable and after playing warlock for 2 years I feel like I need a change I got 3 other lvl 70 toons ( shaman, paladin and a druid) in wotlk I will most likely to play druid as moonkin/resto or even tank I dont know, I never been anything else other than dps

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    Re: Will you reroll or stay Warlock in WotLK?

    I wanna keep my Dest.Lock as main I think (almost certain). But I'll lvl my Rogue to 80 and a DK (to replace my Warrior for 2H combat purposes). Maybe later on my tiny Sh.Priest or Mage, but I don't think I have time for that any time soon. I mean, come on ! There's one class that actually has a Destruction tree, and I'm asked if I wanna do something else ? I don't think so =)

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    Re: Will you reroll or stay Warlock in WotLK?

    i did not vote but maybe i reroll from my singlebox hunter to my dualbox warlock team which gave me a lot of fun back in the last few weeks

    I´m really looking forward to the patch/addon

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    Re: Will you reroll or stay Warlock in WotLK?

    I'm sorta rerolling...

    you see... the death knight just looks too good to pass up.

    And it starts out at lvl 55, making it the highest lvl alt I'll have at this moment.

    Plus leveling it to 70 will be easier in the coming expansion.

    But I'm not abandoning my lock, that guy is my one and only 70 character...

    I'll just be playing two chars.

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