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    Judgement of Righteousness?

    The Judgement effect for Seal of Righteousness looks to be removed and given to Seal of Light and Seal of Wisdom instead. Is there any word on what Seal of Righteousness will be getting for a Judgement effect or is it going to remain void in its current form?

    I heard of one idea of making SoR's Judgement reduce Threat like Feint on rogues or another idea giving it a spell interruption effect for 2 sec.

    Seal of Righteousness: http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?spell=20154

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    Re: Judgement of Righteousness?

    you no longer have a single judgment, you now have 3, they work just like the previous judgment but give an extra effect

    Judgement of Justice

    Judgement of Light

    Judgement of Wisdom

    also all seals now deal damage when judged, auto attack doesnt refresh judgments, seals last for 2 minutes, and judgments no longe consume seals

    yeah they changed alot of it but basically you'll be reseal every 2 minutes (instead of 10/8 seconds) and spam judgment. So now all your judges make damage and put an extra debuff on the target.

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