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    Re: Beacon of Light

    I'm fine with the mechanics. Yes it doesn't fit with the whole "critz rule" philosophy, but I was far more bothered by the sheer lack of versatility with paladin healing rather than the efficiency.

    Besides, it's easy for them to tune the numbers. They can easily increase the range, add efficiency, or make it more potent, but it's very, very rare they add entirely new heals. I'd much rather have the spell in from the start and let them tinker with the numbers than struggle with a limited repertoire of heals again.

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    You damn right phoenyxx ! I was saying the same to my friends about the 51 pts talent drood / pal ! We aren't as good as drood to HOT , but our beacon of light smell shit in front of flourish.

    "Up your heal in the dps tree" ... That's hilarious.

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    If at least the radius is upgraded, i would be much more satisfied. :-\

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    What they've done with Holy Shock and Infusion of Light, and JotP are all steps in the right direction.

    Beacon of Light is a neat concept, but fits poorly into the tree, but has a ridiculous amount of potential for awesome, if tweaked and redesigned.

    Why not make it more akin to the Warrior Prot Talent: Vigilance, mark a target as the Beacon of Light, causing a (Weak) AoE heal to the target and all those nearby, but causing your melee swings to heal the Beacon, either for the same amount as your SoL/JoL procs, or for double, meaning they're getting 3x the JoL effect, and the SoL effect of course. This makes a Holy Paladin sort of a melee healer, you can swing between heals to generate "Idle" healing, with Holy Shock and instant/Hasted Holy Light as your pop heals.

    Doing something to make Holy Paladins not only more effective and attractive, but more unique, is certainly needed, no matter what it is (Although the state of Beacon makes an easy place to make big changes)

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    There's a question of interpretation to this ability that can make or break it, may have been already brought up, but i can't be bothered to read the entire thread.

    So, the wording is "The target becomes a Beacon of Light, healing all party or raid members within 10 yards for 2000 over 15 sec." Now, if it's the target doing the healing, like earthshield, this spell will kick interminable ass. The tank will NEVER LOSE THREAT. Of course, the healing wont show up on the meters, but the rogues will know who to /hug when you down the boss. If it is in fact the caster doing the healing, then i agree the ability could use a number boost. I'd be careful about the radius thought, since it's not limited to 5 people like the other heals, it could become really OP really fast.

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    Tank faces boss away from raid. Melee dps is behind the boss so they don't get block/parry, cleaved, or breath attacks. So when you cast this amazing AoE heal on the tank to give him stupendous heal threat... who is it going to heal? On a boss like Maiden, the tank could be close enough to melee to heal them. On Grull, not so much.

    So if you want to heal those tightly bunched melee dps, you may have to cast it on one of them. And if it's the target who gets the threat, they'll be super pissed... unless that rogue has vanish ready to go.

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    Beacon has a few problems, first and foremost in my my is having to "waste" 7 talent points on Empowered Judgements and JotP to reach it.

    I suspect you will see loads of Holy paladins spec'd 43/0/28 or 48/0/23, just because the deep holy paladins talents are so lackluster.

    As to Beacon, I don't know about the rest of you but I'd much rather have a heal that helps us do what we do best, Single Target Heal. To that end, Beacon needs to have a direct heal effect that can crit (crit is our mana regen) and then apply a HoT to anyone with xx yards of that target.

    BTW, I seen a few people say how nice 10% haste is for 30 seconds, what they all are forgetting is the GCD you have to blow to get the effect. That GCD effectively halves the haste value, you end up with ~5% haste.

    JotP would be very desireable if it instead was an additional 40% mana returned on crits. They do that and I'll wager damn few Holy paladins dip 23 into retribution.

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    PvE Paladins will go for Beacon, it'll be souped up to fit in the kit.

    Pure isnt amazing, but it's solid. Number crunching that you have to "waste" a gcd on it is bullshit, youll be judging anyway, do it at times where you dont need to have a heal going as well

    Enlightented is amazing, youre on cocaine if you think otherwise. Making Holy able to judge again since they removed Lasting Judgdements ages ago

    Sheath is overrated so badly atm, it's a 60% HoT on an effective heal that doesn't stack, it's decent but I'd still want Beacon over it if it was tuned up

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    i too have my doubts about beacon, but i think it could be useful if you put it on say 3 different people all within a group. it would obviously be mana intensive but it seems that with Judgment of Wisdom, Spiritual Atunement, mana pots, and a pally evocate, mana won't be TOO much of a problem.

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    Beacon can't critic ... No mana back from illumination. That's why this spell suxx !

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    Re: Beacon of Light

    i just learned that beacon effect doesnt stack. so if there are 2 people with a beacon on themselves and both are in range of a third person, the third person only gets the effect of one beacon.

    i hope this changes.

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