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    Paladin - Inscriptions a listing

    So, I was piddling about on Wotlwiki, and fell across this listing.

    Current Paladin Inscriptions

    There are some interesting inscriptions there, however a couple of them jump out at me, such as.

    Glyph of Blessing of Might Paladin Unknown ??? Your Blessing of Might also grants offensive spell power equal to 10% of the attack power it grants.

    Glyph of Judgement Paladin Unknown ??? Your Judgements deal 10% more damage.

    Glyph of Blessing Of Kings Paladin Unknown ??? Your Blessing of Kings also increases attack power on affected targets by 3%.

    Those jumped out at me, as some interesting passive abilities, that look very interesting. There are many others that put a very different spin on PvP, and some very interesting PvE Healing ones as well.

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    Re: Paladin - Inscriptions a listing

    The Holy Light glyph gives away what direction blizz is trying to send Holy Pally's...In addition to being the best single-target healers we will be melee healers too...The Holy Light glyph combined with Beacon of Light (yes it's going to be fixed and it will be awesome) will be win for Tanks/Melee. Of course there are other directions to go and that's the beauty of it this time around, there isn't just one way to spec for healing paladins.

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